Identify Management  
IdScan® ID Scanner

Bundled with ScanShell® scanners
or any other TWAIN compliant ID scanner
idScan ® is an easy-to-use id scanner modular application, capable of scanning a variety of personal cards such as driver licenses, ID cards, medical insurance cards, passports, business cards , as well as checks and photos.

idScan® is capable of reading the card's printed information from both sides, as well as barcodes and magnetic strips. The id scanner extracts the document's image and text data arranged in appropriate text fields into a file or the clipboard. The extracted image and data can be exported to any other application, email, FTP and the web.

ID Scanners
idScan ® for driver license comes with a choice of high quality, twain compatible color scanners (SnapShell is not TWAIN compatible), ranging from A6 to A4, with a resolution of 600 DPI. A magnetic strip reader is also available. All id scanners are connect to the computer's USB port thus requiring no external power supply, and have a small footprint

idScan reads the following document types:
- Driver license (Full text extraction)
- Driver license (Image only)
- Driver license barcode (1D&2D pdf417)
- Driver license magnetic strip
- Business card
- Checks
- Medical cardPassport


Adria Scan Readers
Input management, front office scanning solutions

ID Reader is seamlessy integrated into Micros Opera PMS, Fidelio Suite 8, Protel PMS as well as various
other hotels software solutions.

Adria Scan Readers are software solutions that are designed to scan and read textual data
from various documents. After processing the informations are automatically transfered
into customers database within a few seconds.

Adria Scan Readers
enable the automation of business processes, simplified creation of databases, less mistakes during the input of data, higher accessibility of information etc.

Adria Scan Readers are designed to enhance the quality of your business...

Who needs them
Hotels, tourist agencies, brokers, banks, night clubs, casinos, lobby and access control, rent a car companies, government institutions, border control...

ID Reader is a software solution that enables automatic transfer of textual data from personal and travel documents into various business applications.

Visitor is a software solution intended for identification of visitors in objects with high frequency of guests or high safety requirements. Download Brochure

GuestBook is a turn-key solution specially designed for the hotels and resorts where there is a need to record and archive guest details.
Software provides all necessary tools that hotel staff needs to do
in their day-to-day jobs like checking guests in and out, assigning rooms, reporting guests to authorities etc…Download Brochure


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