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We can help you run like the big boys without buying your pocket!

Looking for IT solutions to cut costs and increase efficiency?

Our experienced Alpha Five DBMS developers will be able to help you with customized solutions for your unique way of running your business. Both web and desktop applications are available. For as little as $3000 you can own software applications custom-built for your organization.

Web-based and Desktop Applications
If you desire an E-Commerce module for your website, call us for a free presentation. The Alpha Five web application server is unique in its ability to service small and large E-Commerce sites at the speed matching desktop applications. Web applications developed with Alpha Five uses AJAX technology to enhance your user experience.

Also available are office, school administration, logistics, and hotel registration systems in both desktop and web-based versions.

Our packaged desktop CRM is available with a contact list tailored to your target market. Spreadsheet has its purpose. When it comes to managing your customer database, CRMs work far more efficiently. If you are relying on spreadsheet for order processing, come up to our Integrated Order Processing System designed specially for small businesses. All applications are highly customizable to meet your unique way of running a business. All packages include consultation for government grant application.

E-Form and E-Signature Solutions
The use of paper forms slows down processes, results in tons of paper waste, and do not allow you to gain instant access to your precious data.

We not only design and build PDF e-Form according to your specifications, our e-Forms can be integrated with XYZMO unique e-Signature capability. Now you can do your form filling and get the signature without having to print, sign, and scan back the form! Our e-Signature product capture important information such as pen pressure, strokes, patterns etc that unique identify the signer. Unlike “picture” signature, it is impossible for the person responsible for the signature to deny it.

Moreover, your entire e-Form processes can be automated by LincDoc document automation system with the same unique secured signature security feature.

Key reasons for considering bespoke applications
Every company has its own culture and peculiar way of getting things done. Whether it is faster or slower, we have the know-how to bring you the improvements.

IDA grants are available to help offset the costs of development and implementation.


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