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The company was founded in 2004 as the IT division of the TSH Group of Companies. The Group operates from more than 10,000 sq feet of commercial spaces and started its first company in 1969 in the Logistics & Shipping industry. The mission of this new business entity is to bring effective and affordable technology to SMBs. In the early days of the IT revolutions many solutions were beyond the affordaibility of small and medium size enterprises. Today, more than ever our customers do not buy technology. They should buy our solutions.

At New Tech Innovations, we have made improving productivity the sole purpose for our existence in the business world. We believe Information Technology is the key to enhancing business competitiveness and profitability. Human ability has its physical and mental limit and IT offers the means to extend these limits in today global market with the interfacing of man and machine.

We do not believe we can be all things to all people and endeavour to serve Small and Medium size enterprises with effective and affordable technology that will improve their business processes. More importantly, our customers don't buy technology. They buy our solutions. In this regards, we are very previledged to represent many products which are noted to be leaders in their industry. Our association with Alpha Software goes as far back as 2004.

We are the only company if not among a handful of companies who can provide end-to-end solutions with a secured e-Signature that requiring physical signing and yet without the need for paper and scanning. The capturing of the signature is immediate and the data update is realtime.

Our CRM solutions come with user training for sales professionals. The system designed and configured is based on extensive analysis and study of clients' current strength and weaknesses in sales force management.

We strive to provide our clients with all the devices and software system for more effective sales force management. We provide both the softskill and the systems for better productivity and customer satisfaction.

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