ALPHA FIVE embraces HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript standard.
It is the ONE versatile Rapid Application Development framework for all of today's platforms:

Mobile, Tablet, Web

Alpha Software database products allow you to build desktop applications and web database applications easily using the Alpha Five .dbf engine. This amazing tool allows you to utilize your legacy data from Microsoft Access, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, or Filemaker Pro.

Why should you spend time to learn and administer new web application server software? With the Alpha Five Application Server, you can continue to build rapid web applications with a very simple setup. Alpha Five is the best custom application development alternative for non-programmers to build web based applications.

Alpha Five is an easy to use database management system for object-oriented programming, Rapid Application Development (RAD), SQL database application and custom web based applications.

Let Alpha Five facilitate you in integrating your online database software. We have developed countless database solutions and software tools to enable you to create web interface design, web databases, desktop applications, and web application development.

Are you still looking for that ideal database manager to keep you up and mobile in managing your organizational database seamlessly? Are you worried you might not have an accurate customer database? At Alpha Software, database management is an integration of knowledge and solutions for flawless organizational database maintenance that consequently triggers off imminent business success. Backed up by the highest level of domain skills and technology, database programs for full customization in information management are offered here. You can even manage your product sales through our user database, which allows unique tracking approaches that are clear and precise.

Microsoft Access Database is a Microsoft product, which assists the user to store, view and use the data. Launched in late 1992, this product from Microsoft uses the Microsoft Jet Database System, along with a GUI and various tools for software development, which can co-relate the other Access databases easily.

Initial versions of Microsoft Access Software had quite a few drawbacks. Data used to be lost after a specific memory of data was used, and constant updates for its deficiencies used to be a periodic chore.

About Alpha Five Software Inc
Alpha Software Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Massachusettes, has been creating relational database applications renowned for their ease-of-use for more than 20 years. The company was founded in 1982 and has in excess of 1 million customers. For more information, visit

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